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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! We are thankful for our clients and the relationships we’ve formed, our Trade Partners and the amazing work that they do, and our friends and family. We hope you have an amazing day filled with family, food, and love.


Certified Living in Place Professional

Homestyle Builder is honored to announce, through the Living in Place Institute, Peter Haack has completed the course Certified Living in Place Professional (CLIPP). The course certifies him as an expert in Living in Place building and remodeling. 


A Personal Touch

This last winter, we worked on an addition in NE Minneapolis. While knocking out the wall to expand the kitchen, our workers found something: baby announcements and family updates written to the original owners. To honor the history of the house, our clients transcribed and framed the original letters. They now hang on the wall […]


Team Stevie’s Wonders

We are so happy and proud to be trade partners with Grabow Plumbing. A company that not only does amazing work, but also supports the research for autoimmune diseases such as MS. In fact, the Stevie’s Wonders Team is the largest Friends & Family team in the state, and are the longest standing in the […]


Slip Resistant Flooring

Different flooring has different affects on whoever is using it. Luckily experts are now using Acutest to measure and categorize which flooring have a higher slip resistance and which do not. Rooms such as entryways, bathrooms, and laundry rooms that experience more water should all have flooring that can handle the slip and slide it […]


Budgets versus Needs

Creating entrances to a home that are wheelchair accessible can be quite daunting. Every door design is different, and therefore we have to think a bit outside the box for each case. We never want to go over the agreed budget for our clients. Homestyle’s goal is to present the budget and stay with that number—never […]

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You’ll Never Guess What We Found

We always find surprises during a project. Whether it’s underneath floorboards, funky electrical wiring, or in the walls themselves, there’s always some history in the houses we’ve worked on. In this particular house, the drywall came down, and instead of fiberglass insulation like we expected, the original builders used an old pin-up poster from the […]


The Doom and Gloom of Basements

Basements are for laundry and storage. They’re dark and uninviting most of the time—not really a room you’d want to hang out in. So when you got the opportunity to work on a project to spruce up a basement, we were excited about the possibilities. The walls along this basement were once made of dark […]


NE Kitchen Solutions

Homes in NE Minneapolis are not known for their space and storage—especially when it comes to their kitchens. For a project, we collaborated with our clients and designer Tia Salmela Keobounpheng to create a bright kitchen with enough counter and storage space. For example, instead of keeping their vegetables in a pantry or on the […]