Budgets versus Needs

Creating entrances to a home that are wheelchair accessible can be quite daunting. Every door design is different, and therefore we have to think a bit outside the box for each case.

We never want to go over the agreed budget for our clients. Homestyle’s goal is to present the budget and stay with that number—never going under.

But for this project, we had to figure out how to create a ramp so a wheelchair could get through the sliding glass door easily. Taking out the door/remodeling the entrance would have caused price spike.

So we created a ramp that would incline over the treads, allowing the door to close and the wheelchair to smoothly pass over. 

We were able to come up with a solution that stayed within the budget, caused the least amount of intrusion, and kept within the projected time schedule so that our clients could live in their home unhindered.

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You’ll Never Guess What We Found

We always find surprises during a project. Whether it’s underneath floorboards, funky electrical wiring, or in the walls themselves, there’s always some history in the houses we’ve worked on.

In this particular house, the drywall came down, and instead of fiberglass insulation like we expected, the original builders used an old pin-up poster from the 1940s.

You can see the smiling woman on the top right side of the picture.

This isn’t the only time we’ve found fun things during our projects; and we’ll be sure to share them with you as we come across more.


The Doom and Gloom of Basements

Basements are for laundry and storage. They’re dark and uninviting most of the time—not really a room you’d want to hang out in.

So when you got the opportunity to work on a project to spruce up a basement, we were excited about the possibilities.

The walls along this basement were once made of dark panelling. It felt more like a cave than part of a house.

But, through hard work and collaboration with the clients and our contractors, the basement was fit for company and comfort.


NE Kitchen Solutions

Homes in NE Minneapolis are not known for their space and storage—especially when it comes to their kitchens. For a project, we collaborated with our clients and designer Tia Salmela Keobounpheng to create a bright kitchen with enough counter and storage space.

For example, instead of keeping their vegetables in a pantry or on the counter, we built a drawer in kitchen island specifically to keep them fresh and easily available while cooking.

And we included a rod for paper towels into the side of the island, so they wouldn’t take up the limited counter space.

What storage solutions have you seen recently?

Small Entry—Big Storage

When you  have a small entry way, finding places for your families coats, shoes, and winter wear makes a clutter mess. Solution? Custom built storage that works specifically for your family and home. 

A Good Tile Can Make All The Difference

Happy Tiles in the Southern Twin Cities definitely lives up to their name. We love this beautiful tile that was installed into a VA SAH Grant roll-in shower for our clients in Victoria, MN.

Antalya Beige by Happy Floors

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