Through Universal Design, your home becomes your style

The purpose of Universal Design is to make your home work for all generations, all variety of needs, and all limitations. It’s about creating inclusive spaces—collaborating between the needs of a family. Even smaller projects make a huge difference in users’ lives as they navigate their daily routines; changing door knobs to door handles for those with arthritis, and lowering appliances to become wheelchair accessible are just the beginnings of a larger philosophy.

Universal Design has become a staple in remodeling for our aging population, veterans, and those with disabilities. It is an opportunity to bring ease to clients and caregivers’ daily routines so they can live fulfilling lives. With Universal Design, your home fits your lifestyle.

Aging in Place

Aging in Place has become a staple item in American Homes for our senior citizens. More and more are choosing to remodel their homes instead of move into Senior Living Facilities and Nursing Homes in order to keep their independence.

Our own family has embraced this idea after Geniene’s parents were no longer able to live in their apartment without support. We wanted them to still have their freedom but be near family if anything were to happen. We decided to convert part of our own home to include an Aging in Place apartment for them. The doorways were widened for easy wheelchair access, bars were installed around the toilet and in the shower. They had their privacy, their independence—but the family was always there.

Homestyle Builder is an advocate for senior citizens remaining in control of their daily lives. Senior Living Facilities are not the only places that can be equipped for your future.

VA Special Adaptive Housing (SAH)

When we started getting more and more involved with the Veteran’s Administration 8 years ago, we never thought that it would feel like home. Geniene’s family has always had a history of soldiers. One of her grandfather’s served in the French trenches, and the other was on the draft board, her great aunt was a Rosie the Riveter, and her father was stationed in the Philippines during WWII. Our son and his 3 best friends are currently stationed all around the world. We found our calling  when we got involved and started helping those who have served our country .

Through the VA, we’ve had the pleasure to work on numerous houses and projects. Clients have called us after trying their new roll-in shower, amazed at the ease and comfort it provided.

Homestyle Builder is a certified VA Builder that specializes in VA SAH (Special Adaptive Housing). If you or someone you know is a veteran, there are grants to help you remodel your home to help with your everyday needs.

Adaptive Remodeling

Circumstances change. Sometimes drastically—sometimes gradually, which means your home needs to change with you.

Adaptive remodeling is for those whose house no longer fits their family’s needs. Outdoor ramps, roll-in showers, lowered cabinets, and counters can drastically affect someone’s life for the better. Every little thing counts, and if your circumstance changes, if your home doesn’t or never has worked for you, Adaptive Remodeling is the next step in transforming your home.

Custom Remodeling

So you bought a house. Maybe it was years ago, maybe it was last week, and you’ve noticed that some things don’t quite click right. Maybe you loved the family room, but the windows don’t bring enough light to do it justice. The kitchen layout is perfect, but it’s too small for family gatherings of more than two people. You love the basement space, but the stairs are too steep.

Houses become homes when we add ourselves to their design. Whether it’s new to you or yours throughout the years, every home deserves some TLC.

Custom Carpentry

You can go to a store and buy furniture, and it could fit your home perfectly. Except most of the time, it’s only a bandaid covering the real problem.

Custom Carpentry allows you to be a part of the design process. You get direct input on what your home needs, what your family needs, and what you want with your furniture. Working with Homestyle Builder to create the perfect bookshelf, bed frame, desk, etc., gives you the opportunity to make your home uniquely yours.